Food for Thought

School nurses and teachers regularly see kids coming to school hungry because they are not getting enough to eat at home.  Studies show that children who eat frequently and healthy over the weekend have better attention and higher grades during the week at school.

Our FOOD FOR THOUGHT bags are designed to serve healthy child-friendly food for the entire weekend.  Items such as oatmeal, fruit cups, juice boxes, granola bars, and instant macaroni & cheese are usually included.

The BRCOH is currently providing over 350 weekend food kits every Friday to local schools.

We believe this program is worth everything that goes into it. On a individual level, we are providing food to students for the weekend.  This supports them at home and also allows them to focus on school instead of hunger. On a larger scale, this program provides support to every family involved because each Food for Thought bag contains information on how to receive free food, clothing, and community resources from our ministry twice a week.  

Please Donate

All of us here at BRCOH are honored to provide local schools with Food for Thought bags which students take home every weekend.  However, we truly need your help in sustaining the Food for Thought program.

We would like to invite you, teachers, administrators, parents, and everyone in your school district to partner with us to make impact directly on the students in the community. 

Help us make IMPACT!  

It only takes $5 to feed a child for the weekend, $20 a month, or $200 a year.

There are several ways you can help:

Donate HERE through Greenford Christian Church's online giving page. Make sure to choose “BIG REACH-FOOD FOR THOUGHT” in the drop down box.

Make checks payable to “GREENFORD CHRISTIAN CHURCH" with “FOOD FOR THOUGHT” in the memo line. Mail to 11767 Lisbon Road, PO Box 53, Greenford OH 44422

We truly appreciate you and everything you do for students and the community.

Partnering with you,

The BRCOH Team

Please Volunteer

We also are in need of volunteers each week to pack over 350 food for thought bags.  If you are interested in helping please call Val, our Volunteer Coordinator at 330-533-3278 x503 or send her an email today!